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Carbonized is transforming the frontier of direct air carbon capture utilization and storage (DACCUS) by capturing carbon in synthetic magnesium carbonate. Carbon dioxide is captured and bonded to magnesium, then is used to create products for industrial purposes or athletic applications, such as rock climbing. Globally, the magnesium carbonate industry is forecast to reach $11.39 billion USD by 2025, with most of that capital used to purchase magnesite from outside the US that is mined using unsustainable methods, creating large amounts of waste that contaminate the surrounding countryside. With Carbonized, we can offer a magnesium carbonate that is:

  • A flexible solution for a product that can be sold in bulk or refined into a premium product
  • Synthesized with a sustainable method
  • Carbon-negative
  • Competitively priced
  • Using an American labor force
Reduce Emissions to Improve Health
Oil Refineries are bad for the Environment
Did you know that by 2030 our global average temperature will be greater than 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels if we don't reduce carbon dioxide emissions now? Read more about the possible effects of warming above 1.5 degrees.
Learn what happens if we do nothing!
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Carbonized: the future of carbon recycling

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