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Carbonized Team Eric Phillips
Carbonized is a veteran-owned small business active in Colorado. It was created by Eric Phillips and Karina Taugwalder to address the need for a truly carbon-negative product that can be produced in bulk, as well as address sustainability issues in a notoriously unsustainable industry: magnesite (magnesium carbonate) production.

Eric is a former US Army member. He served as a bomb disposal technician. He is the inventor of the process to produce Carbonized chalk. 

Contact Info:
E: eric@carbonizedmg.com
P: 1-720-789-4814
Carbonized Team Karina Taugwalder
Karina is a marketing director, mountaineer, and philanthropist. She is the owner of EnvironMovement, a non-profit organization that assists environmentally friendly small businesses with marketing to bring awareness to our dire environmental issues.

Contact Info:
E: karina@carbonizedmg.com
P: 1-720-695-5395
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Denver, Colorado, USA
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