Carbonized Carbon Capture Bulk Chalk

Carbonized was created to meet the needs of two groups of customers: environmentally conscious athletes and bulk magnesite customers looking to purchase low-cost synthetic magnesite from a US-based company.

The first category pain point to be addressed is to provide a grip enhancement solution that is significantly more environmentally friendly than existing magnesite products. Carbonized will offer this category of environmentally conscious athletes a high-performance synthetic magnesite chalk that is also carbon-negative, which will reduce the carbon footprint of anyone who buys it- an individual-scale carbon offset.

The second category pain point to be addressed is bulk customers that wish to purchase a low-cost magnesite mineral that is produced in the US from an American company. The Carbonized product is superior to mined magnesite in that it can be produced from any location near a magnesium source. In the case of Carbonized, located in Denver, CO, the largest magnesium source in North America is located only a few hundred miles away at the Great Salt Lake.

Methane Gas Flare
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